What is Big Task Weekend?

  • Big Task Weekend is an exclusive, invitation-only leadership forum that brings together a diverse group of visionary leaders to initiate monumental social change through collaboration action.

How can my company sponsor Big Task Weekend?

  • We have many sponsorship levels for Big Task Weekend - please contact our managing director, Dan Lack, at dlack@bigtaskweekend.com for more information.

Who do I contact if I have any other questions?

  • You can contact Dan Lack, the managing director of Big Task Weekend at dlack@bigtaskweekend.com for any questions that you may have about BTW, registration, and logistics.

When was Big Task Weekend founded?

  • Big Task Weekend was founded by Keith Ferrazzi in 2005.

Does Big Task Weekend have any employment or internship opportunities?

  • Yes, Big Task Weekend frequently has a need for full or part-time employees. Summer internships for Big Task Weekend are often available. Please contact Big Task Weekend at dlack@bigtaskweekend.com for details.

BTW 2010
When and where does Big Task Weekend take place?

  • Big Task Weekend takes place from September 30th to October 2nd at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena, California.

Who attends Big Task Weekend?

  • Big Task Weekend brings in CEOs, C-level executives, academic leaders, politicians, and NGO (Non-governmental organization) leaders to initiate social movements that create a long-lasting impact in our society.

Can anyone attend Big Task Weekend?

  • Big Task Weekend is by invitation only. If you did not receive an invitation and would like to join, you may apply to attend Big Task Weekend by clicking here.

What are some of the past successes of Big Task Weekend?

  • Since its inception, Big Task Weekend has successfully incubated many initiatives including a national diabetes awareness program, providing additional health information to consumers in grocery stores, and a collaborative health effort amongst three companies - Shaping America's Health, Kraft, and Abbott Labs just to name a few.

What happens at Big Task Weekend?

  • At Big Task Weekend, 150 leaders from around the world gather to discuss pressing social issues. The Big Task community utilizes a proven collaborative action leadership program, the "New We," to achieve real progress and accelerated results on these issues. Participants will also build profound relationships with their peers through our engaging and entertaining social events.

How much does Big Task Weekend cost?

  • Individual Membership to the Big Task Community and Big Task Weekend is $3,000 and Patron Membership is $6,000. The Patron Membership provides a $3,000 donation to the Big Task Foundation and includes VIP benefits and 50% is tax-deductable.

Is accommodation included in the membership fee?

  • No, accommodation is not included. However, members can book rooms in the Langham Hotel on our registration page. Members get a special group rate at the Langham Hotel for Big Task Weekend.

Are meals included in the membership fee?

  • Yes, meals are included.

What's Unique
What makes Big Task Weekend unique?

  • Big Task Weekend builds an exclusive community of visionary and passionate leaders who strive to use their influence to make a difference in the world. Unlike other conferences, Big Task Weekend encourages active participation of its members by putting them into small groups where they can learn, discuss, and debate about social issues which are important to them. As in all past Big Task Weekend events, participants will establish powerful and long-lasting relationships with their peers through discussions and enjoyable social events.

What is the Collaborative Action Methodology?

  • The Collaborative Action Methodology is a set of practical applications which leaders from corporations, NGO's, and governments can use to achieve accelerated group cohesion and action towards positive social change. The collaborative action methodology is comprised of over a decade of training, coaching and process interventions designed to help teams produce collaborative action. The methodology includes a standard set of exercises for action planning to solve the world's biggest problems -- a road map for collaborative action for social reform.

How do I become a member of the Big Task Community?

  • Membership to the Big Task Community and Big Task Weekend is by application only and nontransferable. Big Task Weekend 2010 has a limited capacity of 150 members and only early registration for approved applicants will guarantee attendance. For application details, please visit http://www.bigtaskweekend.org/become-a-big-tasker.html

What's included in the membership?

There are two types of membership for Big Task Weekend - Individual Membership and Patron Membership.

  • Individual Membership includes admission to the 2010 Big Task Weekend and invitations to future Big Task regional dinners and summits.
  • Patron Membership includes everything that comes with Individual Membership along with VIP benefits during Big Task Weekend. These benefits include: VIP seating at events and meals as well as invitation to a VIP dinner the evening before BTW begins. The Patron Membership is 50% tax deductable as $3,000 represents a donation to the Big Task Foundation.

Big Tasks
What is a Big Task?

  • A "Big Task" is a significant social cause that requires multi-entity participation and thus collaborative solutions. Big Task Community Members feel passionate about these social causes and eagerly promote and act upon the Big Tasks.

What are the Big Tasks for 2010?

  • The Big Tasks for 2010 include: America's Health & Wellness, The Future of Corporate Learning, Financial Literacy, The Future of Education, Collaborative Action, and My Big Task, a platform where members can gain support around the Big Tasks they are most passionate about.

Who created this year's Big Tasks?

  • Prominent leaders from their respective industries and arenas created this year's Big Tasks. For example, Dr. Mehmet Oz's HealthCorps Foundation and Dr. Wayne Jonas of the Samueli Institute developed the America's Health and Wellness Big Task.

Can I create my own Big Task?

  • Yes, if a member is not personally passionate with this year's Big Task topics then there are opportunities for them to develop and work on the social change they care about most. While registering for Big Task Weekend, simply sign up for "My Big Task" where one has the opportunity to develop and bring their own Big Task to Big Task Weekend and collaborate with fellow peers to make their vision into a reality.

How can I become a speaker at Big Task Weekend?

  • Big Task Weekend does not have any keynote speakers. Some Big Task Weekend Members will give short Big Task Talks. If any member wishes to speak at the event, please contact our managing director Dan Lack at dlack@bigtaskweekend.com.
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"Big Task Weekend taught me the necessary art of collaboration. It made me a much better leader. It is the only way to accomplish really Big Tasks!"

Jim Schroer, Former CMO & Head of Sales at both Ford & Chrysler

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